Secure and anonymous SMS online

It takes under 0.5 second to receive an SMS sent through SMS Anon. This might slightly vary depending on the mobile service quality. However, we thoroughly tested & improved the sending time of our SMS over the years to offer the fastest possible receiving time.

If you choose to send an SMS with a custom name, no number will appear. Only the custom sender Name that you choose will appear on the recipients phone. If you choose to start an SMS conversation a virtual phone number will be attributed to your account.

No. All your information is completely safe while using our services. You even are anonymous while using SMS Anon, unless you choose to disclose your identity to the person you are sending an SMS to. On our end, we use cookies for marketing purposes. These cookies will only give anonymous information to our Google Ads account to help it find more people that would benefit from using smsanon.com.

Yes of course. An SMS Anon subscription is non-binding. Which means that you can cancel at any time. Even if you chose to only test our services with the FREE / 24h trial, we might send you reminders via email and SMS before the 24h trial terminates for you to cancel your subscription. If you feel like you do not need SMS Anon anymore feel free to click on the link below : we will ask for the email address you used to send the SMS Anon SMS and your subscription will be canceled immediately.


Yes, click on the link below : we will ask for the email you used when creating your account & send you a new password.


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