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We will provide you with a new phone number. Your personal number will not be required to use our services.


We emphasize efforts on security so your conversations are kept safe within your account. All conversations happening through smsanon are encrypted and private.

Two-way communication

Send and receive SMS online instantly. Leverage our tools to empower SMS interactions.


We offer the best services at the fairest prices to individuals and small companies who wish to interact with people through SMS channels with or without custom sender names. SMS ANON allows users to start conversations with people from MOST countries around the world.

Custom Sender Names

Use custom sender names to act on behalf of your company or to simply have fun with friends.

Reminder: Compliance with SMSAnon Terms

We value the integrity and safety of our community and are committed to ensuring a respectful environment for all. To maintain this, we kindly remind you that every SMS sent through must adhere to our terms of service.

Our advanced machine learning system, powered by LLMs(large language models), diligently reviews each message to ensure compliance with our guidelines. The system is designed to automatically detect and deny any SMS containing:

  • Abusive Content: Messages must be free of any form of abusive or harmful language.
  • Non-Personal Communication: If you have not verified your company with us, SMS appearing to be from banks, companies or brands, government agencies, or containing promotional content will be flagged.
  • Border-line Content: Any text discussing or implying involvement in activities such as casinos, prostitution, drugs, minors, sex, scams, payments, debts, money, etc., is not permitted.
  • Illness, Sickness, Manipulation: Messages mentioning sickness, illness, or exhibiting manipulative behavior are not allowed.
  • Company Miss-representation and URLs: SMS using language representing a company that you do not own (contact us to verify your company if applicable) or including non-verified website URLs will be denied.

If a message is denied, our system will provide a reason on your SMSanon dashboard, kindly explaining why the text did not comply with our rules. We encourage all users to review and understand our terms to ensure smooth and uninterrupted use of our services.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in fostering a respectful and safe SMSAnon community.

The SMS ANON Dashboard

And more

Discover a better way to send SMS. Reach your customers at all the right moments. Customise the sender name of any SMS you want to send to highlight your business' name or to surprise your friends and family. Get to use one or several virtual and anonymous phone numbers and step into the world of text-messaging online. Start engaging conversations with anyone, anywhere in the world without needing to use your own personal phone number.

  • SMS ANON works on every device, from the smartphones to the oldest phones.
  • You have the possibility to send SMS to people in most countries.
  • Personalise the sender name to promote your business, or just to make jokes.
  • Start online text-messaging conversations like you would on any phone.
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basic plan

Basic Plan

FREE for 24H then 19.99€/Month

Send 2 SMS and receive unlimited SMS for FREE during 24H (trial) Then 150 SMS per month for 19.99€.
After 24 hours and without cancellation, our offer will be automatically renewed as a subscription without commitment, at the price of 19.99€ per month.

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standard plan

Standard Plan

FREE for 24H then 49.99€/Month

Send 2 SMS and receive unlimited SMS for FREE during 24H (trial) Then 400 SMS per month for 19.99€.
After 24 hours and without cancellation, our offer will be automatically renewed as a subscription without commitment, at the price of 49.99€ per month.

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custom plan

Custom Plan



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Enjoy a simple and ergonomic user interface to send SMS to any phone without the need of going through a mobile app or a phone provider.

Stay in touch

Get notified on every connected devices when an SMS reaches your SMS Anon's account. This allows seamless and uninterrupted conversations.


Every single aspect of our product is thoroughly studied to be easily used by everyone. We make sure that anyone can send SMS online without any difficulty.

The right Tools

Get advanced online text-messaging tools that stay in touch with customers and encourage them to make purchases.


You can access our web-based interface from anywhere. We are doing our best to ensure that our services work in every country, while respecting local regulations​.

Coming Soon

A more advanced version of SMS Anon is in the making. It will allow professionals to reach their targets by sending SMS marketing campaigns.

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